• John Turner

Can anyone become organised?

In short, anyone can, but everyone won't. I would say that the biggest factor is whether they actually want to get organised. For some, their partner wants them to get organised. For others they think they should be organised. For others still it seems that everyone else is going minimalist, so they ought to. However, I think these are all quite weak motivators for becoming organised. As with any change, it takes time and can be hard work. In order to succeed a person needs to actually want to get organised. To discover that they have to really reflect on why they want to become more organised. How does personal organisation fit into the life they want to live? How does it help them fulfil their dreams and goals? If these deeper questions are not explored in a safe and sensitive way, a person may not have the motivation to carry out the changes that need to be made. To find out more please get in touch.

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