• John Turner

Do quick fixes work when it comes to organising?

Can you solve all your organisation challenges by reading social media posts? (Like this one). Or reading a self-help book, or watching a Netflix series? And whose quick fix is the best? At this time of year there are a deluge of articles and posts on self-help and personal development topics. Personal organisation has been brought into the mainstream over recent years with the popularity of experts like KonMari as well as a cultural shift by some towards questioning an ever increasing materialistic based society. #minimalism A common theme in the articles and posts is the simplicity by which we can all 'get things done'. However, my central message is this. Just because the message is simple, it does not necessarily mean the application is easy. Many of the strategies, techniques or skills that are being proposed are the end stage of a significant amount of work that needs to go before. As well as ongoing work afterwards. My own Personal Organisation Coaching work goes by the name of Simply Organise. I do not suggest that organising is in any way easy, what I try to promote is a model of simple organising to create a sustainable simple lifestyle. So is it worth reading the articles on quick fixes for personal organisation? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself. 1. As with all exercises in self-development starting with some self-reflection can be very helpful. Why are you reading the articles/browsing the internet in the first place? What are your goals for organising? 2. Is this a distraction or diversion technique to avoid doing the organising in the first place? 3. Does the article have any relevant information that you can apply to your unique situation? 4. How much time are you prepared to put aside to put into practice the recommended advice? 5. Are you willing to make any changes and step outside your comfort zone? Once you have considered some or all of these questions you may well feel that the article is right for you. The suggested quick fix can work if, > you are clear on your goals and motivation for changing, > you are committed to putting in the necessary effort and > you are consistent in your application of the changes. Rather than approach the change halfheartedly, you may conclude that now is not the time. Or, that you need some additional support to guide you through what can be a complex journey. Just because the message is simple, it does not necessarily mean the application is easy. If you have that feeling that something needs to change, that you have read all the articles and all the books, but you still feel disorganised, please feel free to get in touch. #quickfix #slowchange #realchange

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