• John Turner

How to break your New Year's Resolutions for 2020: A Guide

Many of us will set a New Year's Resolution to become more organised for 2020. Experience from previous years shows that few of us will have stuck to this goal by this time next year. With this in mind I thought I would write a slightly tongue in cheek guide detailing how to break your resolution and fail to achieve your goal.... 1. Pick a goal that is massive and unattainable. 2. Make sure you have loads of other really important demands on your time for the year. 3. Don't tell anyone about your goal, don't write it down, don't even think about it once you have come up with it. 4. Make your goal whilst drunk, or at least make it impulsively. 5. Don't go into any detail about your goal. 6. Make your goal dependent on someone else. 7. Delay working on your goal until late December 2020. 8. If you have the slightest of wobbles, berate yourself and quit. 9. Make sure you don't have a way of knowing if you have achieved your goal. 10. Finally, don't under any circumstances ask for any help trying to achieve your goal. Best of luck! John p.s. if you would like any help getting organised in 2020 please drop me a message #newyearresolution #goals #organise

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