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Post drop-off anxiety

I came across a new phrase today that might resonate with some of you, Post Drop-off Anxiety. (Thank you to the person who shared it with me). The feeling you get when you have removed something from your home, either to a charity shop, recycling or waste. A feeling of anxiety, that you may have done the wrong thing. That you may have left something important in a pocket, or a book. How many of you have felt this before? Reflecting on this just now I realised I have had this feeling. I had kept hold of some University notes for about 12 years after the course had ended. I was holding onto the idea that if I kept these particular notes it would in some way be proof that I was smart enough for some future situation. I recycled 10 Lever Arch files worth of paper. Once in the bin I had a mix of excitement and sudden fear that I had done the wrong thing. Now, being the type of person I am, who is quite risk averse, I took a moment and reminded myself that I had already gone through the notes, I had made a digital copy of any key ideas of references I might want in the future. I had done a little research to see where I could access information on the same subject online and in a library. I also realised that as I went through the notes my ideas had shifted since I had first written them. I share this story with you as I think some of you may be stuck in the same situation. You may want to let something go, but be frighted that if you do you will feel awful after (Post Drop-Off Anxiety). If you take the time before you let the item go to really look at what it is you are letting go of you may find this dissolves the anxiety. Is it the item or what you feel the item tells others about you. In my case I felt the notes projected intelligence. Take some practical steps too and take pictures, or make a record of important information. Find out where you could access the information, or get hold of a particular item if you needed it in the future. In my experience when helping people to simplify their living environment it is rarely the physical items that are the problem, but the attachment we have to them an how this links to our self worth. You were enough before you owned the item and you will be enough after you let the item go. If you would like any help letting things go, please get in touch. Thanks

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