• John Turner

Status and mundane tasks

So, I was reflecting on how much we give praise or status to those who do a lot and achieve a lot. And how much we always feel that others are filling their time with exciting stuff. What if you feel you can't fit more into your day. Or what if so much of what you do isn't seen by others. Or what if you just can't handle doing any more. It often feels that we just have to keep pushing ourselves. Or we inflate what we have done to make it sound a little more important. In my experience lots of my time is spent on some very mundane things. However, when I read articles and books on managing time etc they don't often mention these mundane tasks. Rather I am meant to be doing something exciting, challenging and fun. Well, what if it were OK to manage your time well and still do the mundane things. However, let go of the idea that we have to be filling our time with things that others will give us praise for. In other words, find your own balance for the tasks and activities that your own life requires. Welcome any thoughts you have on this.

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