• John Turner

To get more done just work longer hours

"To get more done just work longer hours, skip breakfast/ lunch/dinner, stop exercising, see your friends and family less, go to bed later and spend more time on your phone. Oh, and spend more than you earn". This probably isn't what you would expect me to say. I don't think anyone actually recommends to do this. But this is often what a lot of us end up doing. So, even if we know this isn't the best strategy, why do so many of us follow it? It seems that in many cases if at first we don't succeed, we just do more of the the same. Then continue to dial up the intensity. How would it feel to slow it all down and take a broad look at what your main goals were? To reflect on whether this current approach was helping you achieve the outcomes you want? Time management is about much more than just doing things quicker. For a deeper look at personal organisation please get in touch.

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