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What is my key message?

I don't want to take up any of your valuable time reading this post, or any other, if it is not useful to you. I have been thinking hard about why anyone should read my posts and if I can contribute something that has not already been said.

After some reflection, I think I can.

There is a growing community, or movement, that is espousing the benefits of simplicity and efficiency. This takes the form of #slowmovement #theminimalists #zenhabits #konmari #4hourworkweek and more.

These authors, self help gurus and simplicity practitioners come from different parts of the world, with different approaches. However, they do have in common shared beliefs...

That less is often more.

That to connect more with what is important we sometimes need to disconnect.

That in order to have more we have to let go of something.

I identify as a person who is part of this community and I work with individuals to support them in making small changes to achieve these goals of simplicity and efficiency.

The main aim of my posts is to offer some encouragement, motivation, ideas, tips, techniques and general musing on all things that relate to simplicity and efficiency.

But I want to offer something more.

Unlike a lot of articles, books and online courses on this topic I draw my ideas and insights from hands on experience of working with clients, (supported by reading the literature). I have sat with clients and witnessed their discomfort, fear and anxiety of letting go of something - a book, an old coat or piece of furniture. That discomfort can also be felt for less tangible things - a routine, a habit or way of doing something. Or, even less tangible but more powerful, challenging a core belief.

Simplicity and efficiency can be very hard to achieve. You can try and fail and try and fail again. Learning a new skill or habit can take time and energy.

What is my key message?

That I get it.

I get how hard it is…

To slow down.

To reduce the clutter in your life.

To create balance in your life.

To learn new skills that can make you more efficient.

I will always have an aim in my mind, when writing posts, to empathise with your lived experience of how difficult you may be finding getting more organised. I believe this is what separates me from others in this area and this is what will add value to my posts. If you have read this far I hope you find value in my future posts too.

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