• John Turner

Willpower and systems

When we approach organising many force ourselves to do it. We dislike the idea of having to go out of our way to sort something out. We may rely on willpower alone to heave ourselves into action or wait until the deadline is almost on top of us to get it done. Another approach is to build organisation into the structure of our day and use well thought through systems to get organised. Many times when helping clients to get organised I start by understanding how they got into this place of disorganisation in the first place. It can often be a significant life event. Bereavement, moving house, downsizing, the end of a relationship, older age or illness. By taking the time to step back and really listen to what has happened in that persons life we can together begin to see why organisation has become such a struggle. Willpower alone can only go so far to help us. By understanding your patterns and behaviours you can start to put in place systems and structures that work for you rather than against you. When we get dressed in the morning we all generally follow a similar pattern. We put on under garments, then shirts, trousers etc and finally shoes and coats. We generally store clothes in wardrobes, drawers and on hooks. We therefore have a system that works for us. We don't store shirts in the shed, and pants in the pantry. Spend a moment today thinking about that systems work for you and those that don't. Think about how much we reply on willpower and how much easier it could be to have well thought through and effective systems. Would be interested to hear any innovative systems you have for being more organised. #simplyorganise #minimalism #systems

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