• John Turner

Your organisation compact?

So, I just had a flick through a new book by Dan Lyons about modern work and how it can make us miserable (Title: Lab Rats). A key point he makes is how Silicon Valley has made a new compact that pushes more economic return from human resources. I don't want to take this post in the direction of economics or politics however it is a somewhat obvious point to make that the larger environment we work in, the macro political economy if you will, has a massive impact on how we behave on a daily personal level. I think this is important when exploring how we organise ourselves, stuff we own, how we use our time. If we are all influenced by larger forces in our day to day work there is going to be at least some if not alot of spill over into our personal lives. Do more, buy more, buy new versions, achieve more, make more profit. I dont think there is anything wrong with more of something if that is what you have reasoned is right for you. However, what I invite you to do is step back and check out if that is always the case. I don't just mean easy stuff like buying a new phone. But consider other more complex and subtle things. When we fall into a habit of fitting more into your weekend, or maximising our time spent on something, is this us chosing to act this way or the compact that someone else has made for us (e.g. Silicon Valley)? Each of our lives are very different and there are times when we have to burn the candle at both ends (to use a pre-industrial productivity metaphor). But spend a moment to think about your organisation compact, you core beliefs about why you organise your time and stuff how you do.

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