How often do you feel out of balance? Too little time to get things done? Not enough space for all your stuff? Take this short quiz to find out what level of organisation you have. Simply add up how many statements you agree with and take a look at the summary below. To understand in more detail what areas of organisation you do well in, and those that you could improve on, please get in touch and we can have a FREE telephone conversation. I would really like to find out how I can help you.

  1. I use goal setting to decide what tasks and activities I should work on

  2. I work on tasks that have the highest priority

  3. I have a clear plan for dealing with disruptions and interruptions

  4. I know what causes me to procrastinate and I have strategies for managing this

  5. I set aside time for planning and scheduling

  6. I actively look for ways to improve the flow of my work

  7. I use the talents, time and expertise of those around me to help get the task completed

  8. I am clear on what I need to know when reviewing information

  9. I organise my home so that the open spaces as organised as the hidden spaces

  10. I regularly use most of my possessions 


0 - 3

You are really struggling with time management and personal organisation. You do not have effective strategies to organise your time or your personal space. You are not achieving what you want to each day. However, there are lots of opportunities for you to improve your time management and personal organisation. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more how you can become more organised.

4 - 6

You are organised in some areas of your life, but there are also some gaps in your ability to get on top of tasks and projects that you need to get done. You may know some techniques that can help, but are not fully implementing them on a consistent basis. You feel there is a lot more that you could do to be more organised. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more how you can become more organised.

7 - 10

You are an organised person who gets things done. Well done! You have strategies and techniques you use in a variety of situations to help you to be effective and productive. You feel a sense of balance in your day and are realising your potential. To check if there is anything else you could do to reach your maximum potential, please get in touch.

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